Newsroom 101 (2014) is a rearrangement of news on the two topics that were predominant at the time of creation of the piece: the two Malaysian Airline crashes and the ISIS crisis. It consists of illustrations and collages arranged in 4 tabloid-sized newsprint papers. Each of the topics has a cover page and a headline page, following the format of Daily News, a New York based tabloid. Each of the cover pages has the Daily News logo on the top accompanied by a symbolic image of the topic as a collage. For the Malaysian Airline crashes, the airline's logo, and the ISIS crisis, the group's flag. The collages are made out of images found on the articles of the topics on the Daily News website. The headlines of the headline pages are appropriated from the actual Daily News issues featuring the two topics. The images underneath satirizes the bold san-serif text.

The piece was created in response to Aleksandra Mir's Newsroom 1986-2000 project. Mir experiments with different ways of rearranging the contents of the newspaper, either by removing text or by putting headlines across the selected years with a common word next to each other, in order to show how it can change the audience's perception of the news. Newsroom 101 continues the idea of rearranging the newspaper, but not so much to have an impact on the viewer's opinion of the featured topics. Rather, the rearrangement here is done to express how a novice news reader would view the two biggest topics of the time. Most of the text is replaced with more eye-catching visuals, in alignment with the reality of decreasing population of news readers. The written contents of the news are increasingly becoming visual in the form of series of images or videos and are circulated not so much through the platforms directly provided by the news agencies, but more through social networking platforms. Newsroom 101 is a representation of the minimum content the growing portion of the population unacquainted with daily task of reading the newspaper would need to get an idea of what is going on around the world.