Game of Life

Conway's Game of Life created using P5. Source code is available on Github


Labocine ( is an Imagine Science Films initiative to extend their film programming to a broader and diverse audience.

Website: From Stranger, With Love.

Website design for From Stranger, With Love., a digital service that sends someone a postcard based on user input.

Translation Network

Website design for Translation Network, that collects translations of text in various langages.

Tin Pan Alley Studio

This website was created for Tin Pan Alley Studios in New York.

Notes on Doing

This website was built for Notes on Doing, a series of inspiring interviews with people who are passionate about, talented at, and original in what they do.

Jeffrey Buoncristiano's Website

This is a personal website of Jeffrey Buoncristiano, a motion graphics artist and photographer based in New York.

Canvas bag design for Abu Dhabi Art Fair 2015

Design of the canvas bag for New York University Abu Dhabi's Art Center to be used at the Abu Dhabi Art Fair 2015.

Design for the wall for NYUAD Institute