The End is Near/Here (2015) is a video piece about the thoughts and feelings one would encounter when facing at the end of life. It is written on the perspective of a person left excluded from the safe haven of Noah’s ark and facing the apocalyptic doom of the world. The first part of the video shows the destruction and chaos the world, symbolized by the spread of the red coloring in a clear bowl of water, and the realization of fear growing more and more intense and heart beating louder and faster. The visual of the second half of the video is rewind of the first video, which symbolizes going back to the status quo of the world before the existence of everything. The video is paradoxical in the way that the end is shown as a return to the beginning but in fact, with the apocalyptic end of life, one can never return to the beginning of life. The return to the beginning is symbolic to the lament of one wishing that life would start all over again. The narration of the second half of the video shows that despite all the suffocating fear, one would feel a sudden moment of calm right before the imminent end.