Systemic is a dance piece with live dynamic visualizations. The choreography, visuals and sound are all divided in two major sections. The first section is visually created using optical flow of particles, which represents the vision of an ideal world towards which the dancers walk towards, while one dancer assures this promise to provide the ideal by luring the rest of the dancers towards the screen.

Once all dancers arrive at the screen, or rather, at the world which they thought to be ideal, they realize that it was all a lie and they have been put in a systemic world where they repeat simple tasks.

The dance ends with all dancers being put into trance and are convinced that this is the new ideal. The systemic world.

PROJECT TYPE: Collaboration with Joe Baker, Cecley Hill and Kennedy Thomas

SHOWCASED AT: ITP, NYU and Bernard, Columbia University. April 26 and May 3, 2019.

TECHNICAL DETAILS: Systemic was built using Processing for visuals which reacted to the dancer's movement as well as to the amplitude of the background music. The dancers' positions and movements is tracked by a Kinect V2 sensor.