The girl wakes up in a foreign space. She thinks she must be dreaming. She takes the opportunity to explore this temporal and fantastical space, getting herself used to the environment. But as time passes by, she realizes that this is to real to be a dream. This is when the space changes -- the air feels trapped and it feels suffocating. Her anxiety level reaches peak and fights for freedom. But she comes to a realization that, she is trapped. Relinquishing to the situation, she gives up all hope.

PROJECT TYPE: Collaboration with Alex Wing, choreography and dance by Ning Wan

SHOWCASED AT: "Space Euphoria. Escape Reverie. Time Karma", The Flea theatre, May 16, 2019

TECHNICAL DETAILS: Lost was built using openFrameworks for visuals which reacted to the dancer's movement as well as to the amplitude of the background music. The dancer's position and movement is tracked by a Kinect V2 sensor, which was fed into a node.js application that communicated the joint positions to the openFrameworks sketch.

The original soundtrack written for this piece: