The Flow Room is a web-based virtual space that allows bodies from various physical locations to enter simultaneously and communicate through live physical movement.

When accessing the Internet, we are not made aware of our presence in the virtual “space.” We also rarely visit just a single website on a regular day. We find ourselves constantly flowing into one space after another, link after link. In The Flow Room, individuals are made aware of their physical presence in the virtual space inside of the Internet. In this space, bodies find new ways of interacting with oneself, others as well as the space itself.

PROJECT TYPE: Collaboration with Lisa Jamhoury and JH Moon, funded by NYU Arts Council Visual Arts Initiative Award with support of NYU Tisch Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) and NYU Shanghai Interactive Media Arts (IMA)

SHOWCASED AT: Riese Lounge, Tisch School of the Arts, NYU. 19 - 21 November, 2018

CODE: github

TECHNICAL DETAILS: The Flow Room is an open source toolkit and technology system that uses a web interface to bring live, virtual experiences to participants anywhere, any time. Each physical location hub will be set up with a Microsoft Kinect, a 3D camera capturing one’s motion. The Kinect setup will feed 3D data of live movements and interactions to a web server to be broadcasted in real time. The result is a website that’s a 3D shared virtual space that visualizes live interaction among people in different physical locations.