Homeostasis is a collective experience where users interact with the environment shown on the big screens with their phones by following the movement of the three conductors at the front of the stage. Their actions and in-actions lead to visible impact in the environment shown in front of them and the audience witnesses the environmental impacts that their actions have on the planet. The project signifies the failures of people's actions in maintaining the homeostasis of the planet and the impending consequences.

PROJECT TYPE: Collaboration with Casey Conchinha, Ellie Kexin Lin and S. J. Zhang

SHOWCASED AT: ITP Big Screens 2019, IAC Center, December 20, 2019

TECHNICAL DETAILS: Scenes for the big screens were created with Unity and mobile to screen communication was built using node.js and socket.io. The gyroscope data from user's phones are gathered and averaged to be used as change elements in the three separate Unity scenes. Title and credit pages on the big screens were generated using Processing.

The view of the web application that the audience interacted with during the showcase: